Endless Possibility With Ability To Change Loops

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Current Lineup

Find all the current available Loops below. New Loops are being design and tested so stay tuned.


Nub Loop has countless tiny finger nubs for pointed stimulation. The timeless classic nub design not only stimulate when stroking in and out but also with rotational movement.


Rib Loop has a set of even perpendicular ribs throughout for a consistent stimulation. A great classic design for those who prefer stimulation control or training for endurance.


Wave Loop is base on a parallel ribs design with a wave twist in the middle to change things up at the mid point.


The Gauntlet has two sets of orbs for stimulation. One set has wavy rib while the other set has pointed nubs with the orbs alternating in strategic placement. By inserting the Loop on the Flip side, the orb configuration changes to vary the experience.


Duplex has two separated “world” of pleasure on its two sides. Each having a contrasting texture design. One has long finger nubs for massaging while the other side has tiny nub for stimulation. Between these two halves is a specially designed wall gate. As you move in and out during stroking, this gate completely separate the two half from each other.


Geode Loop has different texture on its top and bottom half. Each half having a contrasting texture design like looking at the inside of a Geode rock. One half has repeating angular zig-zag textures for consistent stimulation while the other half has a long large protruding “rock node” with smaller nodes on the side.

5 Features That Makes Infinity Hole Better

Soft Inner Skin Material

Durable Outer Material

Modular Customization

Infinite Possibility

Easy to Clean

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